BHW lawyers

BHW lawyers is a specialised law firm. We specialise in integrated physical environment law (omgevingsrecht) and in all other government related cases. Cases with regard to spatial planning, the Integrated Physical Environment Act (Wabo), real estate, environment, regulated markets, compliance en enforcement and financial relations with the government and other authorities.

Our clients are local authorities, project developers, housing corporations and Mainport Rotterdam related businesses and business associations.

We give legal advice and we guide our clients in complex decisionmaking processes. Furthermore we represent our clients in legal proceedings before the administrative and civil courts of law and the arbitration tribunals.

Our approach is to look for opportunities and sustainable solutions rather than risks and problems. We think along with our clients and cooperate with them in order to achieve the goals they have set.

We started in 2008 and all of us have years of experience within the largest law firms of the Netherlands. We know how authorities work, what is possible and what not. With this knowledge we can achieve the best results for our clients.

We are always available when our clients need us. The lawyer you speak to is the one handling your case. We are very committed and whenever your case needs another specialism, such as criminal or tax law or technical expertise, we can call upon our extended specialist network.

Our fees are competetive and our terms are clear. The invoice is transparant and will not come as a surprise to you.